Top 5 Emerging Design Trends for the year 2016

1. Bright/Bold Colours and Geometric Shapes

We are seeing more rich and saturated colours now as compared to previous subtle, muted colours like pastel. Pantone colour chart tones are widely received together with geometric shapes. They worked best with each other. Here are some examples of a combination of both bright/bold colours and geometric shapes.



2. Modular Layouts

More and more websites are adopting the modular layout style which design is contain within the modules or grid but not fully restricted within the grid. It is up to your free playing style within the module.



3. ‘Modern’ Retro Style

Retro is coming back. Think about pac-man, pixel art, video games in the 60s-80s. They can be seen in our daily life such as t-shorts design, coca cola cans design nd even notepad designs. Do you think nerdy might be the next cool statement?



4. Minimalistic Style

Minimalism is something abstract. It depends on individual’s perspective. Most people will associate it with ‘less is more’. There is not perfect guidelines to it however they possess some of the following attributes:

a. Clean and plenty of open space

b. Simple with little usage of colours

c. Single or few typefaces with clean lines

d. Details that speaks volume about the project.



5. Material Design

Google, the big brother, started introducing material design guidelines for mobile and web which caused a stir in the design world. It is known as the ‘Flat 2.0’ by adding more depth and movement to a flat design.



Having said, simply following the trends for the sake of being trendy is not a good idea. The overall design should be able to fit into your products or reach out to your audience. No matter how trendy the design is, if it doesn’t fit into your brand/image, the design is not helping. Do drop us a comment if you have any upcoming trends or your own personal predictions.


The Good Life Without The Sweat

"Matthew 6:26

26Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?"



25. April 2016

- by  Team of RE

Top 5 Emerging Design Trends for the year 2016

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